Get an ingenious solution to an old problem!

Are you tired of making multiple trips to  the waste dispenser to dispose leafs and grass from your lawnmower? Do you  constantly live in fear that your lawn bag will give way anytime soon? Does  your grass and leaf collection seem to take all day? Those have been challenges  faced by gardeners and homeowners since the lawnmower was invented.

Well now there’s a great solution to these  problems.

Introducing the Big Leaf Bag™!



Why waste your precious time doing yard work all morning on a beautiful fall day? You may not have a choice because these leaves need to be picked up, and your old factory-fitted lawn bag only holds that much. So that means you have to do multiple emptying runs to clean up a fair sized lawn. Each trip adds to the time you could easily spend with friends and family, or simply relaxing. Instead, you spend it emptying lawn bags!

But with the Big Leaf Bag™, you can end all of that right now! Imagine the opportunities you have if you could eliminate as many as two-thirds of those multiple trips just by switching to the Big Leaf Bag™! And its size is not all that will thrill you:


  • With the Big Leaf Bag™ you can convert any lawnmower into a lawn and leaf vacuum, which means any mower can be made to pick up leaves and small particles!
  • This Big Guy is 3 times the size of regular lawn bags, which means 3 times more leaves, grass and other particles are picked up before you have to empty it!
  • Produced from ultra-durable polyester, which means it is rugged and tough and lasts longer!
  • Built from weather-resistant material, which means it can be easily washed and quickly dried!
  • Custom built to be easily fitted on any rear discharge lawnmowers
  • Built-in protective features that prevent small particles from blowing back and disturbing the operator
  • The funnel shape and zipper opening makes it simple and easy to empty – it’s as quick as 1, 2, 3: Detach from its support. Insert into yard-waste bag. Unzip the Big Leaf Bag™ and empty out contents. You’re all done! No fuss. No mess!

With so many reasons to go BIG, why would anyone still want to stick with factory-fitted lawn bags?

Throw away your rake!

Get rid of your puny factory-fitted lawn bags!

The professional design, expert manufacturing and easy installation instructions that come with the Big Leaf Bag™ will make it an ideal companion for your lawnmower. While other leaf bags will wear off in no time, ours is a completely Made In U.S.A solution that will last you many years.

Get the ingenious solution that will speed up your leaf and grass collection and leave you more time to relax and enjoy your free time.

Goto our store and get the Big Leaf Bag of your choice and make leaf and grass collection a chore no more!



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