DIY the mouth installation in Deep Discount for the Universal Big Leaf Bag V-3 on sale for only $99.95

We encourage you to buy this version-3 if your lawn mower is one of the regular in weight and above.  You should consider to use the 45 gallon trash bags for leaves as our demo video using the Universal Big Leaf Bag V-3.  We have added safety pins for fast installation and later to snap buttons of your choice.  Either of the two options should work fine for you.  We encourage you to watch this demo video installation before you order this DIY VERSION-3.  All the necessary parts will be provided for you to complete yourself the mouth of the Big Leaf Bag V-3 accordingly to this demo video. 


1) Quick option installation:

This option, you will place safety pins in the places of those sewing pins at the interval of (1:05mn - 3:00mn) step-1 of this video for fast mouth installation.  You apply the interval of (5:21mn - 5:48mn) of the video to trim and cutting around your handle.  If you satisfy with this option, you do not need all the rest of the other three steps (step-2 to step-4).  The safety pins method may take less than 10 minutes for the mouth's installation.  In this case, you may still follow the demo video installation and apply all the foldings and cuttings of those examples to your particular metal frame.  Keep in mind that you will use safety  pins to hold permanently those 3 layer where you fold on both sides of the upper right and left (for smaller metal frames) as the demo video.  There, at the upper frame you will fold at the frame the 3 layers to 6 layer and use safety pins to hold those 6 layers to your metal frame.  Then, there will be only two layers of material through the rest of the three corners of the metal frame that is easy to place safety pins on.

2) The Standard installation option for the Snap Buttons:

You follows the whole demo video and finish all the steps (step-1 to step-4) to apply the snap button installation to your particular frame. 


Safety pins can also use to hold the mouth block as shown by the snap button by the demo video.  You do not need to put the Velcro as presenting at the later part of the demo video.  The mouth block can be used to cover or block the whole mouth of the Big Leaf Bag while standing the Big Leaf Bag on it (check V-3 video at the time frame of 1:00mn-1:04mn).