About Us

We are innovators with a penchant for inventing advanced leaf bags that collect leaves quickly and efficiently.

We saw you on your lawn collecting leaves for hours. We saw you going back and forth to dispose of leaves into the trash. We saw you become tired and exhausted by the end of it. So, we decided to invent our state-of-the-art Big Leaf Bag Attachment for your lawn mower.

Our V-1 Leaf Bag made your life easier, allowing you to finish up quickly and get back to enjoying life.  Why stop there? We came out with V-2, V-3, and V-4 in both categories — the Full Snap Installation and DIY Installation.

Our Leaf Bags have taken the name of a lifesaver. You can attach to your rear discharge lawn mower, pick up all the leaves, and dump them. Our Leaf Bags are spacious, and you know what that means, right? You’ll collect leaves in one go without needing to pause in between to empty it.

We recognized your problems and came up with a solution to resolve it. We came up with a product that even a man or woman will not have any difficulty using. As a company, focused on giving you solutions to your problems, we’ll continue to evolve our products, making each one better than the last. Your satisfaction and trust in us and our products keep us moving forward.

Completeness, quality, and assurance are what we aim for at every step.

Our premium quality products come with easy-to-read manufacturing and installation instructions. All our products are made in the US. You can trust us at every turn to design all parts and components of the leaf bag because we follow a stringent manufacturing process.

Our Universal Big Leaf Attachment will change the way you clean your garden and backyard. You’ll have a life-changing experience the first time you use our leaf bag to collect leaves and grass. Our long-lasting product will remain your sidekick, helping you clean the outdoors for several years.