Abletotech Corporation follows a customer-centric approach, putting customers and their needs first. Our innovative Big Leaf Bag attachments offer convenience to customers by reducing the time it takes to remove leaves and grass from lawns. With each upgrade, the focus has been to increase the ease of use and give customers a diverse selection of products.

Driving the company forward is our avidity to bring happiness, positivity, and tranquility to our customers. Our Big Leaf Attachment is for customers who want to save time, reduce effort, and make picking up and transferring leaves less of a chore. Our Big Leaf Bag attachment can attach to any rear discharge lawnmower.

Our state-of-the-line Big Leaf Bag attachments are two to three times bigger than ordinary lawn bags with our smallest unit collecting twice as many leaves in less time and transferring them effortlessly into a disposable bag.  With a wide range of sizes available, customers can choose a size based on their requirements.